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Social Media & Content Creation
  • Responsible for design of digital and print material
  • Open mandate for engaging content
  • Managing of social media channels
  • Photographing of weekly sessions and events
  • Experience with design and production software packages (e.g Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator)
Sponsorship/Investor Relations
  • Responsible for building strong relationships with external funding sources
  • Budget Incubator events and objectives cost effectively
  • Treasury responsibility
External Business Relations
  • Responsible for securing one-to-one mentors and partnerships for our start-ups
  • Grow your business network by identifying entrepreneurs, businesses, angel investors, VCs etc.
  • Grow the overall presence of the Warwick Incubator through partnerships and collaborations
  • Network with university societies to form collaborations on campus
Startup Liaison
  • Role as the first point of contact for our student entrepreneurs
  • Responsible for optimising the involvement, monitor progress and help our startups navigate our intensive 16-week curriculum
  • Collect feedback and relay questions between the Incubator team and startups
Curriculum Coordinator
  • Responsible for arranging speakers at each of our weekly sessions, following the ‘lean start-up’ curriculum
  • Work closely with external business relations to ensure a quality programme of sessions for our startups
Social Secretary
  • Responsible for building the Incubator community through internal social events, external trips and networking, of interest to our cohort of entrepreneurs and executive team

Students with focused specialisations that can lend their expertise to startups for particular consultations in the following fields. Gives the student mentors, real world context for the theory they are picking up, gives the cohort access to sounding boards and advice.

We are looking for:

  • Legal mentors
  • Tech mentors
  • Business mentors
  • Social media and marketing mentors
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