Bisade & Bisola: “Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency will even change the way we interact with one another”

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A lot of people have heard something about Bitcoin but most people do not have any idea what cryptocurrency is and how many cryptocurrencies there are. Currently, there is a growing significance of cryptocurrency, as it provides a safer, faster and cheaper way to transact. When brothers; Bisola & Bisade realized that the information is spread out and there is a lack of resources; they decided to centralize all the information into one place – – that has amassed 4,000 visitors and 17,000 page views in just over a month 

Bisola Asolo is currently a third-year Biochemistry student at the University of Warwick. As well as promoting greater awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, his goal is to equip students with the digital marketing skills required to increase the likelihood of their business ventures succeeding.

Bisade Asolo is also a third-year Law student at the University of Warwick. He is actively trying to get as many people involved in the space as possible as he believes in the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


What is your startup and how did you first decide to start it?

My startup along with Bisade is called It is a website aimed at educating people on cryptocurrency and blockchain related technology. The reason why we decided to start the business, was that back in January, we just got involved in the space and we noticed that there was a lack of resources that we could use to learn more about the space. The information was very spread out, so I and Bisade wanted to centralize all that information into one place – that place being


What made you interested in ‘crypto space from a biochemistry degree?

It comes from learning about something I don’t fully understand; as such, chemistry is very technical, so is the cryptocurrency space. It requires a large amount of dedication to making sure you understand everything you can about the space. So I guess my interest in wanting to learn more as much as possible stands from that.


Despite the growing significance of cryptocurrency, not many people know what it actually is. Why do you think is that?

It is very technical and I think when people see how technical it is, it turns them off automatically. I really do believe if people put in the effort and do want to learn, they will come to understand just how revolutionary the space is. I’m just glad that I’m at the beginning of this incredible journey and I do believe in a few years blockchain technology will power a lot of things that we do, we already see that happening with finance, even with shopping as well. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency will even change the way we interact with one another.


Not every day we see people who have a business to do with cryptocurrencies. We are used to seeing people in finance, fashion, food industries. Do you think it is related to fear of taking on additional risk or lack of access to resources and information?

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t necessarily say it is about the risk, it is more to do with what you are interested in. I feel we are in a society, where things like finance, fashion, they are more mainstream, they are easy to get into. In addition, when it comes to opening a business in those areas, it is much more straightforward. However, with the cryptocurrency, it is the opposite, it is not straightforward at all. In order to get involved with the space, it requires a lot of energy and time to understand and to add value. So I feel it is definitely more to do with access as opposed to the amount of risk one is willing to take.



Which spaces will be disrupted by cryptocurrency and where are the crypto trends currently heading to?

In my mind, the biggest industry I believe will be disrupted by cryptocurrency is finance; specifically, payments and how we send payments to each other. So right now if you want to send money to your family abroad, you have to usually do it through an intermediary, a bank, and that can result in quite high fees. However, with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, they are looking to eliminate those fees; so it becomes a seamless process for you to send money to your family back home at instant, and transaction fees are negligible. In addition to that, a space that is actually exciting me is the internet of things that is to do with everything that’s connected to the Internet. Everything from your home, your computer, and even your pen can be connected. Imagine a fleet of vehicles, being able to charge themselves; that would be possible with blockchain technology.



I guess you were expecting this cliché question: What is the most important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur according to you?

Oh really! (laughs). I don’t feel like I am an entrepreneur yet, but the characteristic I feel I’ve demonstrated to allow us to get us to the position we are right now is being willing to learn new things. Even if you are starting a business within the space, you might not understand how to be a perfect execute. In order to perfectly execute, you have to be willing to understand a lot of new things to execute better. In addition to that, it is cliché but very important, people need to recognize that things do not come instantly. You need to take your time and be persistent in order to be successful.


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