Before the Programme

Learn as much as possible of the Warwick startup ecosystem and meet us while applications open to understand and ask about the Warwick Incubator.

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    Welcome to Enterprise at Warwick

    We host a joint event with all the entrepreneurial societies of the ecosystem. Each society explains their goals for the upcoming year and the niche they focus on.

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    Warwick Business School Fair

    Come and meet us in the society fair for WBS students!

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    Piazza Stand

    Come and meet us in the Piazza!

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    Launch Event

    We introduce you in-depth to the Warwick Incubator curriculum and a 20 minute panel with successful student entrepreneurs.

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    Startup Day

    A one-day event in collaboration with Warwick Tech on the current entrepreneurial & tech trends consisting of talks and workshops. This is a MUST for all cohort applicants to attend.

Resources We Provide

  • Session Mentors

    Seasoned entrepreneurs and incubator/accelerator members provide a talk, workshop, tips and other resources on specific topics for the 16 weeks.

  • One-to-One Mentors

    Each startup is assigned a mentor from their industry. Mentee and mentor meet every few weeks either through Skype call or a catch up in London over coffee.

  • Campus Mentors

    Tech and business development student mentors with vast startup experience provide mentorship anytime during the academic year.

  • Day Trips

    Day visits to entrepreneurial ecosystems such as London (Google Campus, Huckletree, etc) and Cambridge (Judge Business School and Serious Impact).

  • Warwick Demo Day

    The 10 best startups pitch to other societies, students and staff. A seasoned panel chooses the top 5 startups and audience elects an ‘Audience Winner’.

  • Shard Demo Day

    The best startups pitch to investors, accelerators, angels and alumni at the Warwick Business School London Campus.

Overview of the Curriculum

In our 16-week programme, we aim to guide aspiring startups from the university from customer discovery to go to market strategies. At the end our startups get to pitch at the Shard in London in front of Investors, Angels, Mentors and leading Accelerators.

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    Business Model Development

    During the first stage of the programme, we will work with you to transform your idea into a full fledge business model. This will help you identify its strengths and weaknesses, along with identifying the potential market size and capitalisation of the industry. This step is crucial as it will be the foundation of your idea, as well as showing you the next steps of your entrepreneurial journey.

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    Customer Discovery

    The next step entails testing your business model by studying and surveying your potential customers, who will provide you feedback. You will then use the feedback to create a solid business plan with the end goal of developing an MVP (minimum viable product). Finally, it’s time to start converting the people and businesses you have spoken to into early adopters and customers!

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    The final step of the programme equips you with the knowledge and network you need to grow and scale your business such as marketing, legal and fund raising sessions. You’ll gain the skills to pitch your business idea to investors and other audiences, with the incubator culminating the programme to pitch your business to a panel of students at our Campus Demo Day and investors at our Shard Demo Day!


Learn as much as possible of the Warwick startup ecosystem and meet us while applications open to understand and ask about the Warwick Incubator.

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    London Day Trip

    The cohort will visit TechHub, Google, and WeWork, and take part in 3 sessions: legal, working with developers, and startup accountancy.

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    Mentor Day

    A new flagship event – 15 startups and 15 mentors will have speed mentoring sessions of 10 minutes with 10 mentors relevant to their industry and current challenges.

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    Birmingham Day Trip

    A chance to visit the accelerator Entrepreneurial Spark and pitch in front of their mentors and directors, and receive solid feedback before the demo days.

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    Campus Demo Day

    The top 10 startups will pitch in front of 4 panellists: a serial entrepreneur, investor, accelerator director, and WBS head.

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    Shard Demo Day

    The top 5 startups will pitch to a range of investors, accelerators, and WBS alumni, coupled with a Startup Fair for all startups of the cohort to network!

After the Programme

Even after the programme is over, Warwick Incubator still has a positive impact on students!
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    Warwick Incubator Alumni Group

    A Facebook group in which all cohort members from all years discuss on their progress, ask questions and inspire each other.

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    Warwick Incubator Mentorship Scheme

    All the mentors, founders and investors you meet will remain in your network to help you along the journey even after the programme is over.

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    Coming soon! A programme in collaboration with Warwick University that will help you take your startup to the next level.