Reasons to start your own business at university!

Harrison Leavey Entrepreneurship

“In order to become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to sacrifice their degree and become the next college drop-out”- this statement is probably the most widespread misconception. Bill Gates – ‘Harvard’s most successful dropout’ according to The Harvard Crimson.

Whilst university life itself may foster opportunities for entrepreneurship (such as the recently launched ‘WashFree’ washing service on campus), it is the true entrepreneurial spirit that is born, which allows universities to develop thousands of enterprising individuals every year. A successful entrepreneur takes action upon an idea, with potentially very few resources. University life perfectly prepares students for this entrepreneurial spirit, whether it be making it to the end of the week on a shoestring budget, or perfectly managing your time between social and work life.

In addition to developing your own entrepreneurial character, university can provide you with any resource you need to start a business. Ranging from campus-wide internet connections, free-to-use lecture theatres, a library full of 1.4 million printed books and over 2,000 academics & professors. All at no extra cost. Where else can you get access to so many resources?

According to Forbes (2017), the most successful start-ups are those that are diverse. Diversity spawns innovative thinking and a wide range of ideas. There aren’t many places which offer diversity in the same way that universities, especially Warwick, does. With students from over 140 countries, there is a high chance, that you could be sitting in a lecture with the next Mark Zuckerberg!

Responsibilities at university rarely extend beyond caring for yourself. University life provides you with the chance to be selfish with your time and finances, allowing you to take on the risks required to become an entrepreneur. Don’t wait until you’ve started a family to fulfil your entrepreneurial dream!

If these reasons haven’t been enough to convince you, then maybe you aren’t yet aware of Warwick Incubator. The UK’s first student run business incubator. We empower students pursue their entrepreneurial journey by providing a wide range of resources. Through the provision of highly skilled mentors, experienced business-people, day trips to entrepreneurial ecosystems and the chance to receive funding at our Demo Days. Warwick Incubator provides you with the perfect opportunity to bring your idea to market. Find out more at