• Trishna Nagrani


    Worked at the Incubator first as Finance Deputy and then as Head of External Relations. Prior experience in the non-profit, journalism, consulting and financial industry.

  • Na Hyun Kwon

    Head of Finance & Sponsorship

    I have recently started a start-up with my friend on campus, which has strengthened my knowledge of start-ups. My experiences at investment banking have helped me to acquire skills for the position.

  • Harrison Leavey

    Freshers’ Representative

    My passion for entrepreneurship extends to experience improving sales for a local charity, working for popular social media/study platforms and running a successful 3D printing business.

  • Harjot Singh

    Co-CTO & Tech Mentor

    Alongside years of development experience and an extensive application portfolio, I’ve helped charities and small-businesses handle high-growth by providing them with strategies for technology development and deployment.

  • Greg Shuttleworth

    Co-CTO & Tech Mentor

    I’ve set up and ran 3 technology based businesses, received business funding from the European Union. 2 Years experience as a mentor in technology and business.

  • Natalia Kostyukhina

    Head of Marketing

    Previous experience in marketing as a user acquisition intern in a mobile games company and as an intern in a consultancy. I have also previously worked in a startup that launched a virtual trading platform on Facebook.

  • Vasila Mehtiyeva

    Head of Media

    My past experience involves working as a Director of External Relations at Givee, which helped me to gain a very good experience in working at a start-up.

  • Noreen Hesse

    Co-Head of External Relations

    Previous experience in the non-profit sector and Commercial Law where I have enhanced my negotiation skills and commercial awareness.

  • Cornelia Zheng

    Co-head of External Relations

    I have worked with different incubators including fashion, agriculture and fin-tech. I am currently running a social platform with friends. Being on the business negotiation and debating team strengthened my organisation and negotiation skills.